SSL or Not Secure What Will You Do?

You Have Until July To Install SSL The time has come for all websites to migrate to HTTPS. Google has pushed the update back a couple time trying to avoid the massive disruption that will occur when websites start getting labeled as “Not Secure.” Here is what you need to know: Google and the rest […]

Swift Performance Plugin Speed Up Your Website

Swift Performance Plugin The Swiss Army Knife For Speeding Up Your WordPress Site Summary Swift Performance plugin is not just a cache plugin, it has numerous awesome features to improve your site speed performances. It is rather “young” speed optimization plugin, but very promising with a potential to be high selling all in one optimization […]

7 Step Checklist to Rank Better on Google

7 Step Checklist to Rank Better on Google Higher Google Rankings Fast! In this blog I am going to talk about how to get higher google rankings FAST. I’m going to give you a checklist to go through to get higher google rankings Step #1 Find and eliminate Zombie pages I used to think that […]

Blogging Benefits: 5 SEO Reasons

Blogging Benefits: 5 SEO Reasons Blogging is something many business owners don’t pay attention to but it’s essential for bringing in traffic, some would even say it’s critical. If you’re thinking about blogging you’ll have to put some thought into it. Think about it would anyone want to read this? Would you want to read […]

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