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Social media is a place people see you publicly. If you post you have more trust. If you want to blow up on social media, this isn’t the tutorial.

Keep It Simple Stupid.
You need to be active making content that your audience wants to see to grow. Otherwise tailor your online presence to what your customers “dream” outcome looks like

The Process Communication Model identifies six distinct personality types found within each person: Thinker, Persister, Rebel, Promoter, Harmonizer, and Imaginer.
Read this book.

Sit down, take a full day… making social media posts.

Go to Hootsuite or whatever platform you prefer and schedule out the month.

Do this once a month and you should be in a great position for people to see your business as more trustworthy.


**Use CapCut and make stories, reels and youtube shorts

**Add bold caption text when speaking on video.

Set everything up the same day and get all your friends and family to like your posts, and click through your posts to your website, they should also bookmark your website in their browser.

If all this happens after your setup with google analytics and on google search console you’ll get a quick boost to your website. In general you’d want to ask your friends and family for a like and a follow but it’s important at the start so google sees the website traffic.

Generate more traffic.

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