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Using Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

Step one would be to pick a niche with the following criteria;

  • service business be can only be delivered locally
  • high average customer value
  • standard of service and
  • lots of demand examples

Most services to do with people’s homes meet all those criteria car detailing, driveways & interlock, photo booths, roofing contractors etc. There’s tons of them.

Now it’s very important that the niche you choose meets all five criteria.

So if we take roofers as an example, is it a service based business? Yes. Can it only be delivered locally? Yes. Photo Booths needs to go to the physical location in order to do their services. This is actually an extremely important point because when you advertise a service that can only be delivered locally, you are only competing against the other businesses that offer the same service in your local area.

If you take a town like Niagara Falls, where I live, how many Photo Booths are currently running Facebook ads, for example? Definitely less than ten.

Probably less than five.

Of those five, let’s say, how many of them are actually doing a good job with their Facebook, Instagram ad campaigns and have high quality ads running?

Maybe one, probably none.

That means it’s so much easier to win that Facebook ads market and create the best Facebook ads for Photo Booths.

Do photo booths have high average customer values? Well, yes. In my experience, a photo booth is going to charge for a typical job anywhere between a $500 and $1,500, let’s say. Now, of course, there are going to be exceptions.

Is it a standardized service? Yes, for the most part, there’s going to be variation, but fundamentally, most photo booths are delivering the same service

Is there lots of demand? Anyone that’s getting married or any events taking place with a budget will want a photo booth in niagara. There’s lots demand for photo booths now, and that’s certainly not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Make sure you really know how much work you can take on when doing this.

Offer a guarantee, something or the customer doesn’t pay. Now this has to be something that’s actually important to your customer. With photo booths, for example, you could guarantee that the work will be done on time for the services.

You might need to guarantee something else like results or a certain amount of money saved, but make sure that you guarantee something.

The second point that you need to pay very close attention to is to include scarcity and urgency in your Facebook ads.

It’ll help encourage potential customers to take action, inquire and become a lead. For example, these two really important points put together would look something like this

ad copy ad copy and the best bit we guarantee to finish our work on time or you don’t pay. This special offer is only available for the next 17 clients as well. Then we’ll be fully booked up for the rest of the year.”

Now that has scarcity because there are a limited number of slots available just 17 and it has urgency because your prospects need to act fast and get their slot booked in.

Run this Facebook and Instagram ad campaign as a leads campaign that uses instant forms.

For those unfamiliar instant forms are where someone clicks on a Facebook or Instagram ad and instead of being taken somewhere off app, they are kept within those apps and presented with a form where they can submit their contact information that then gets forwarded on to you as the advertiser that you can use to them.

Reach out to those people. The advantage doing it this way is that you don’t need to make a website.

Work the leads, in other words follow up. It’s actually really simple. It’s just a bit of effort and a bit of not caring about being a little bit annoying. So with the leads that your Facebook Instagram ad campaign generates, call them and book in a free quote.

If your leads don’t pick up the phone, leave a message, then wait a few hours and call them again.

Then wait two days and call them again and keep going until your leads pick up the phone.

Most people give up on it’s way too early, but if you call a new lead twice a day, every day for a week after they become a lead, you’ll get in contact with many more people.

You’ll have a much higher contact rate and you’ll get a lot more leads booked in as a result.

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